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Over many years, thousands of students of Prof. Vithoulkas who had received the Diploma from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy had asked if they could organise themselves into a Union (a form of Alumni). There were so many requests from Diploma holders that the Academy finally decided to help these homeopaths develop their own independent Union specifically intended for medical doctors, dentists and veterinary professionals.

The purpose 
Never before in the history of homeopathy has there been an association consisting of members who had had a uniform education, and who spoke a common scientific language concerning matters relating to the original effective homeopathy as had been taught by Hahnemann, Kent and, more recently, by Vithoulkas.

Such a Union (U.Di.Ho.P) may well be the starting point for a global standardised homeopathic education with the prime aim of accomplishing the real beneficial effects of this unique healing modality.

The Union (U.Di.Ho.P) is envisaged to have a Forum through which Members will be able to organise:

a. open congresses with invitations to different teachers,

b. international meetings for Members only,

c. discussions within the Forum for Members about the different problems homeopaths encounter today with their cases.

The benefits of being a member
By attaining a Diploma from the Academy, a doctor, dentist or veterinary professional is granted the privilege of automatically becoming a Member of the Union, U.Di.Ho.P.

The benefits 
a. the Member will be able to participate in discussions concerning problems or questions stemming from his or her practice, or the practice of other Members,
b. the Member shall have access to information concerning current news about medicine in general, news about vaccinations, and interesting developments concerning aspects of homeopathy and ongoing research,
c. Members will have the possibility of contributing and discussing their own ideas in developing further the science of homeopathy,
d. the names and addresses of Members may be made available to those who are searching for doctors holding a Diploma from the Academy.

Associate Members 
Pharmacists and homeopathic practitioners who hold Diplomas from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy are granted the privilege of automatically becoming Associate Members of the Union, U.Di.Ho.P.

The total cost of the expenses for the initial formation of the Union (U.Di.Ho.P) (legal expenses, secretariat, etc.) will be covered by the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, including the costs for the first year of its functioning. After the second year the annual subscription for each Member will be ten (10) euros.

At the end of 2019, there will be an electronic election for the new Committee.

Dr. Chara Varsakeli
President – U.Di.Ho.P