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Dear Diploma Holder of IACH,


You are now part of the largest professional Homeopath’s association in the world!  Not only that, but you have been highly trained with a unified education in Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy alongside thousands of other medical professionals. This is a rare, unique and extremely historic occasion because in the UDiHoP you will all be speaking the same homeopathic language!

The Union of Diplomate Homeopathic Physicians (UDiHoP) with Diploma Holders from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Alonissos, Greece – consists today of over 1,900 Members from 51 countries – and the numbers are growing!

We will be having some interesting and fascinating discussions on many topics. We will be exchanging international news and ideas on homeopathy. Your patients, your practice, your clinic, your research can now be shared worldwide! Even your professional problems can be aired on the UDiHoP Forum. And your contribution is very important, no matter how small – remember, the UDiHoP Forum is where we will all learn from one other.

Let’s start the professional and scientific ball rolling! Your voice in the UDiHoP Forum is important. Register NOW to the international UDiHoP Forum today and have your views heard: 

Yours sincerely,

The UDiHoP