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The dates 9th and 10th April 2022 will always be marked in history for holding a special webinar “A Tribute to Hahnemann – Webinar by Prof. George Vithoulkas” by the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.
More than 850 participants from 68 countries came together on these two days and together paid tribute to the Father of Homeopathy – Samuel Hahnemann, by joining in with gratitude & respect.

It was very fortunate when Prof. George Vithoulkas came Live online on the Hahnemann’s Day and paid tribute to him by thanking God to send him on earth for healing humanity. With Hahnemann’s blessings, he wished that the whole world will soon understand the importance of this therapeutic science and the attitude towards Homeopathy will change for the best of every one in the world.
Prof. Vithoulkas disseminated the pearls of wisdom and knowledge on both the days. His explanations and analysis on his recent article – “An integrated perspective on transmutation of acute inflammation into chronic and the role of microbiome gave a great insight to each and every participant of the webinar. His answers to questions of the participants brought out tremendous learning and knowledge on different aspects of Homeopathy.
All the speakers of the webinar displayed their presentation in full depth and clarity. Dr Seema Mahesh diligently presented the time tested principles of treatment of acutes along with the published cases as examples of Evidence Based Medicine of acutes treatment during chronic in Homeopathy. Dr Atul Jaggi portrayed the practical obstacles faced during homeopathic treatment through his case of chronic asthma and displayed the importance of continuing on the path showed by Hahnemann, following all rules and principles of Homeopathy. Dr Mahesh Mallappa meticulously exhibited the importance of treatment of acutes correctly and carefully during the long term management of chronic disease. Cristina Horvath, CCH, furnished with a brilliant and comprehensive presentation of successfully treated case of restlessness and hypogonadism by Prof. George Vithoulkas. An interesting and an eye opening lecture by Prof George Vithoulkas on Complex vs Unicist Homeopathy was presented by Dr Latika Jaggi.  She also paid homage to the greatest benefactor of humanity, Samuel Hahnemann by presenting and remembering his great qualities and innumerable discoveries.
The efforts and hard work of the whole team of the IACH headed by the Director, Ms Maria Chorianopoulou, granted a fulfilling and gratifying experience of Hahnemann’s Day to all the attendees.
Prof. George Vithoulkas celebrated a great spirit, Samuel Hahnemann, and bestowed upon each and everyone present in the webinar with his wisdom and knowledge. He said, “I thank God for giving Hahnemann to the world because he gifted the world a therapeutic science which was far beyond imagination“.